Cristophe Yvetot
Director of Brussels Office, UNIDO

He is a true source of inspiration and effective support for decision makers at all levels and has a particular talent for strategically addressing multidisciplinary complex issues and proposing innovative solutions to advance entrepreneurship including the social and environmental dimensions.

I have interacted and cooperated with Tomas Matraia in various contexts: in the United Nations, in the Research and Innovation Directorate General of the European Commission and as an international consultant. He constantly demonstrated to be a great professional with effective capacity to establish and support multistakeholder partnerships. He connects the dots and offers partners coming from different sectors and roles the opportunity to achieve together their respective and common objectives.

Franco Pomilio
President, Pomilio Blumm

Over time we have established an interesting and rewarding collaboration relationship with Tomas, both from a professional and a human point of view of value and strategy.

Olga Bogdanova
Deputy Head for Academic Affairs, European College, University of Tartu

Tomas is brilliantly gifted with the capacity to connect and engage the audience in an inclusive learning process. He has a talent for empowering people and putting them in the driving seat.

Diassina di Maggio
R&I Policy Expert - Former Director Italian Agency for the Promotion of European Research

An outstanding capacity to understand and combine academia and research centers’ strengths and internal dynamics with industry needs and market opportunities. Tomas brings together people, skills and knowledge to create partnerships and projects with a vision that goes beyond mere international funding.
He fosters innovation at personal and organizational level, reinforces your capacities to compete on the markets internationally and eventually become self-sustaining.

Aminda Leigh
Moderator - Former BBC Journalist

It was a pleasure to work with Tomas, who proved to be a dedicated professional and a valued colleague as a co-moderator. He was full of creative ideas and practical solutions to ensure the discussions progressed smoothly along a clear logistical path. His knowledge and experience were also evident, bringing an additional, richer dimension to the proceedings.