About Us


We are strategists and entrepreneurs, policy-makers and researchers, big data analysts and creative producers. Our team is made of experienced and skilled professionals working with a global network of leading experts from all sectors.


We look at problems as the starting point of solutions. We are forward-looking, results-oriented and impact-driven. We are change-makers, value-creators and opportunities builders. We innovate, engage and strategically reposition your organisation through excellence.


High level professionalism, outstanding value, full engagement and compelling results. A tailor-made approach integrated and optimised to your needs for the richest quality support. An inclusive and holistic methodology empowering people to lead, innovate and transform business.

Tomas Matraia


His focus is to drive change, respond to contemporary challenges and seize new opportunities through business development, groundbreaking partnerships and capacity building. Tomas is a frequent speaker at numerous institutional events and international debates, providing also dedicated trainings in emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, communication and innovation processes. He previously served in the United Nations and the European Commission working on international cooperation, sustainable development, innovation, public-private partnerships and social inclusion. Tomas holds a Masters degree in Political Sciences and International Relations, a Postgraduate Specialisation in Human Rights and Development and was guest researcher at Oslo University.

Yane Frenski

Technology, Innovation, Machine Learning, Digital Solutions

Yane Frenski is the head of technology and innovation. His background combines software engineering, innovative education expertise, high-level technical skills and knowledge management capacities. He has extensive and in-depth knowledge on artificial intelligence, machine learning and innovative solutions including big data and alternative data solutions for business development and public good. Apart from his active engagement as a tech entrepreneur, Yane has some 10 years of experience as a consultant for the United Nations, private sector and authorities, offering his technological expertise to find innovative solutions for businesses and to address world's problems. His latest interests and activities are focused on creative uses of the blockchain technology.

Besnik Mehmeti

EU Projects, Cities, Local Authorities, Creative & Textile industry

Besnik Mehmeti has a distinguished expertise and a winning track of records in securing and managing EU funded projects related to urban issues, smart cities, local authorities and its policy-making. He provides strategic advisory and funding opportunities to local and regional administrators, communities and businesses. His core areas are the promotion of innovation, technological development, entrepreneurship, creative and cultural industries. His ability to master complex and multilateral partnerships and initiatives led to the successful development and implementation of several innovative actions and partnerships at local and regional level.

Patrick Eisele

Corporate Finance, Transaction Banking, Treasury, Client Service

With 12 years in transaction banking and further 6 years in treasury for the automotive industry, Patrick offers a solid and in-depth expertise. He has been serving high value corporates by solving their working capital issues in key international banking locations around Europe (Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland). His capacities include the mobilization of the banking sector, support to investors and entrepreneurs, securing funding and resources for innovative services, new businesses and scalable projects. Among his expertise areas: Cash pool structuring, implementation in the banking environment and treasury management systems, daily cash and liquidity management, payment services and netting structures. Thanks to his international profile, Patrick is well connected to multiple leading players in the banking and financial sector.

Prof. Michael Kahn

Regional Director for Africa and the Gulf - Innovation, Governance, Policy

As a respected international policy adviser on innovation policy, strategy, measurement and evaluation, Michael has maintained a lifelong commitment to social entrepreneurship and development – of people, systems and self. He has worked as an academic, official, consultant and Ministerial Adviser, with project experience in South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Qatar, the United Kingdom, and Brazil, as well as the European Commission, African Union, OECD, UNESCO, the World Bank, African Development Bank, and Iberian Development Bank. Michael is an innovative facilitator, scenario developer, and mentor. He is professor extraordinaire at Stellenbosch University, and the University of the Western Cape, in Cape Town. Michael is the Regional Director of the Adwisers for Africa and the Gulf.

Maria Maia

Policy, International Cooperation, Research, Agrifood

A prominent and knowledgeable expert in the international cooperation, science, research and innovation fields, including the related policy-making dynamics and networks. Maria has been covering scientific and managerial roles both at institutional and private level, managing multi-governmental programmes and pioneering and innovative projects among the EU and the Mediterranean, Arab countries, Africa, India, Latin America. With a multidisciplinary background, including economics, management, natural sciences, ecology and rural environment, Maria is a renown and respected impact assessment expert, call evaluator and capacity building trainer.


Blockchain, Ethereum, Hyperledger, R&D

Biser is one of the veterans in the blockchain technology with first-class expertise in Ethereum and Hyperledger. He is a co-founder and technical director of the BlockEx digital asset exchange platform (https://www.blockex.com/) which has attracted $24M dollars investment through a very succesfull ICO. His capacities include development, implementation and supervision of the entire lifecycle of blockchain based digital assets, including origination, issuance, exchange, settlement and redemption. Among other initiatives, Biser was also providing professional blockchain consultancies for Fortune500 banks and large corporations.

Nicola di Tomaso

ICT, Security, Strategic Leadership and Management

With a top-level managerial experience in several leading businesses and holdings, Nicola offers the distinguished profile for the strategic management and direction of an organisation. In his 40 years of experience he has covered several prestigious roles and provided high-value support to the energy, defense, space, security and financial sector. His capacities make certain an organisation maintains constant awareness of the external and internal competitive landscape, opportunities for expansion, customers, markets, new industry developments and standards. Nicola’s influential network allows him to effectively represent interests and ideas at the industry and state level and to enhance organization's reputation and potential for success.

Katia Maronati

Communication, Media Relations, Public Diplomacy

Katia has been holding leading positions in management, communications and development to public and private sector, including international donor projects (EU and UN). She has led some of the most relevant media and communication platforms in the EU Neighborhood and engaged general audience, governments and key-stakeholders on significant themes such as the Arab spring, women’s rights, public diplomacy.  Her focus: media partnerships, development, identification of project opportunities, PR across multiple countries and markets. 

Stefano Vannuzzi

Legal Support, IPR, Funding, SMEs

An eminent professional, known and respected at international level, Sandro has a in-depth and wide ranging expertise in key legal areas for internationalisation, partnerships and business development. His studio and international co-operators provide legal support and advice in relation to: Intellectual property rights (trade, forms, mark, patents etc.) protection and establishment of foreign companies and interests, finding of funds for SMEs and industries, feasibility studies. Sandro's international experience includes comprehensive knowledge of the EU Research and Development dynamics, with a specialisation on science, technology and innovation applied to materials and processes.

Felice De Mauro

Data, Research, Business and Customer Intelligence

In the last 30 years Felice has designed, developed and implemented innovative IT solutions, digital infrastructures and systems for key governmental entities and leading industries in the following sectors: banking, insurance, energy, ICT, space, aviation, defense and railways. His capacities allow organizations to be more competitive, modern and effective; to better collect, process and manage data; to foster capacities in business intelligence. His expertise includes also data mining, warehouse and modeling; profiling and program management. Felice is an experienced trainer and delivers courses at universities and private organizations.

Giulia Di Tomaso

eHealth, Blockchain, Security, Big Data

Born in Rome, Giulia graduated in 2009 in Engineering with Business and Finance from University College London in conjunction with the London School of Economics. In 2014 she received a doctorate in Biomechanical Engineering from University College London, developing mathematical and computational models in the cardiovascular field. During her doctorate she had her first entrepreneurial adventure, creating together with her brother and a group of friends a web and mobile application for event management, nowadays used in Europe and overseas. In 2016 she obtained an appointment as Postdoctoral Fellow at the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research in New York, where she worked on the development of monitoring sensors and data analysis algorithms for use in emergency medicine. She is currently involved in projects on eHealth, Blockchain and security in Italy and the United States.

Raniero Chelli

EU Projects, Funding, Research, Education

With more than 30 years in the field, Raniero is a recognized and appreciated professional. His expertise covers Research, Development, Innovation and International Cooperation. Former official of the European Commission and Italian Ministry of Research, he has an outstanding track record of support to public and private entities. His focus is project design, management, dissemination and quality control and any EU/directly funded programmes such as FP7, LLP, Horizon 2020 and Erasmus+.

Marco Krenn

Automotive, Innovation, Management

More than 25 years of experience within the AUDI and VOLKSWAGEN GROUP. Marco had in depth knowledge and expertise in Change Management, IT Steering and IT Project Management, Organizational Development (structures and processes), Production System, Quality Management as well as adaption of directives of the management board to country- and organization-specific conditions and implementation of the directives (e.g. IT Security, Data Security/Protection, Compliance, Investment). His focus is to assist companies and industries in applying and delivering transformative change at strategic and operational level while fostering a corporate culture of innovation.

Bachir Balech

Research, International Cooperation, Agro-industry

With a multidisciplinary professional and academic experience, Bachir combines agricultural engineering with molecular and conventional biodiversity, bioinformatics, computational biology and phylogenetics. In the last 13 years he has provided support to the private sector in the Mediterranean, to national and international authorities via EU funded projects and to several universities and research centers.

Prof. Paola Corsinovi

Agro-industry, Policy, Economy, Trade

She is an expert on the alignment process with EU regulations, including the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) dispositions. Her focus is on the EU wine policies, economics and their effects on trade.  She holds a Phd in Wine Economics and Rural Development, has held various research position at leading Universities and Economic Centres in Italy, Belgium, California. Currently she teaches International Wine Business at the Hochschule Geisenheim University/Center of Economics (Germany).

Dario Sterpa

Labour, EU Regional Programmes, Technical Assistance

In the last 15 years Dario supported leading consulting companies such as Ernst & Young and PWC as well as EU national and local authorities in the management, implementation and control of EU funded programmes: this included the design and implementation labour market policies and measures to counter the negative impacts of the economic crisis. His expertise focuses on: the European schemes and tools settled for the public and private investments; the provision of financial and technical assistance for the national and European regional programmes (ESF, INTERREG) and for strategic investments (particularly in infrastructure); support to SMEs via innovation and smart solutions.


Public Health and Sport Nutrition, Food Industry, Communication

A passionate public health expert and entrepreneur, specialised in nutrition and the food industry sector. In Within the last 13 years she held various scientific and managerial roles within The Coca-Cola Company. She led the identification of new public health nutrition areas for the development of commercially successful nutrition science solutions; supported the International Olympic Committee in the revision and development of its scientific advice; coordinated the with external partners and scientific community on European projects in the area of nutrition. Ellie combines scientific analysis and evaluations with business and marketing communication capacities, along with stakeholders engagement (scientists, healthcare professionals, consumers). She is a frequent speaker at European and World Nutrition conferences and has provided support to elite athletes and sports clubs including Ajax FC. She currently works as a Freelance Nutrition Consultant, specialising in the area of nutrition communication.