Unlocking EU – GULF countries business & opportunities

We accompanied the European Commission in a dedicated mission reinforcing its Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) cooperation with the Gulf States. In high-level meetings between EU representatives, Ministries and leading management of top industries we promoted effective matching of EU global excellence in STI with Gulf countries ambition and needs to diversify economy and innovate. We developed a state of the art analysis of the current cooperation and assessed the needs at the policy, organizational and operational level. At the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (GCC) we presented to policy-makers, business representatives and researchers the way forward for a sustainable, systemic and strategic STI cooperation. We built momentum fostering joint priorities and mechanisms to unlock opportunities.

Expanding university market capacities

A leading university in the agro-industry sector wanted to increase its capacities towards international cooperation and market outreach. We developed a strategic roadmap to empower staff with needed skills, connect them to leading platforms and networks and promote their expertise and excellence at international level. We organised conferences with international organisations, governments and the private sector. We followed up with technical assistance and trainings linking university capacities to agro-industry SME needs and fostered participation in international cooperation projects.

Strengthening Africa’s international R&I capacities

An African research and innovation network wanted to promote its own country and industries capacities, stimulate foreign investments, promote internal reforms and better connect researchers, markets and policy-makers. We organised an international conference showcasing country’s excellences, market’s opportunities and R&I capacities towards the EU, international organisations, the donors’ community and private investors. We delivered an integrated capacity-building training on leadership, innovation, internationalization, aimed at the whole R&I eco-system. We empowered public administrators, academia, entrepreneurs, policy-makers and international investors with leadership, managerial skills and innovative thinking to break the silos, generate confidence and benefit from cooperation opportunities.

Advancing evidence-based policy-making

Eurostat wanted to set the new benchmark on the role of statistics and show how they can respond to contemporary challenges. We facilitated the multi-disciplinary brainstorming and meaningful knowledge co-creation among leading representatives of industry, academia, think-tank, policymakers and statistical offices via restricted round-tables. In a final conference we sparked debate among eminent speakers leading to state of the art input and strategic recommendations on future information needs for evidence-based policy-making.

Championing Football Club values for peace

A renowned football club wanted to promote its international engagement to better peoples’ lives via its programmes and social values. We analysed the cost-effectiveness, sustainability and impact of its existing programmes through a fresh multidisciplinary perspective. We identified key synergies and complementarities among sport programmes, local communities and sustainable development to support peace, respect and social dialogue. We designed an integrated path for global visibility and recognition by positioning the club as a game-changing actor in responding to the most pressing societal challenges via new transformative initiatives. We developed actions to maximise the use of internal resources, to empower staff and to develop new operational capabilities.

Educational solutions and creative content for SDGs

A UN agency wanted to raise awareness and engage youth and adults about the Sustainable Development Goals. The support provided included a comparative analysis of the most engaging educational and learning tools available along with the suitable methodologies. While developing the creative content, special attention was dedicated to key parameters such as: intuitiveness, meaningfulness, identification and likeability in order to maximise viewers/users experience. The educational aspects were developed in line with appealing informative content; the innovative and creativity solutions were designed to also acquire constant feedback for their further development.