Glocalisation & business adaptation

Internationalisation, value creation, access economy, finance, global issues, SDGs, partnerships.

Human technology & disruptive solutions

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, mobile & big data, innovation issues.

Resources & sustainable production

Agri-food, energy, water chemical industry, circular economy, climate change, rural development.

Knowledge, change, management

Adaptive leadership, emotional intelligence, management, processes, trainings, capacity building.

Branding, Marketing, Engagement

Campaign strategy & stakeholder engagement, raising awareness, participation, social communication.

Power, policy & progressive societies

State & non-state actors dynamics: cities, companies, communities, influencers, NGOs, Academia.

Fostering your excellence, advancing your reputation.

In a complex and fast changing world, new risks and opportunities mingle incessantly. Staying ahead today requires forward-looking vision, integrated and customised approaches and actionable solutions to clients.

We combine sound research capabilities, big data and sentiment analysis with strategic foresight and revolutionary technology. We identify trends, simulate scenarios and test services and products in a safe environment. We deliver a cutting-edge advantage for business optimisation and evidence-based decision-making.

We link your business and align it to international key priorities and the global agenda. We highlight how your work advances public good and sustainable development. We create unique narratives, open fresh marketing opportunities and engage new clients.

We connect you to leading platforms, networks and influencers to gain state-of-the-art best practices, visibility, promotional and funding opportunities.

We accompany you throughout the process, check performances and advise you also after you have reached your goals.